0.37 hp 0.5 hp motor winding coil turn data.tulu pump motor winding data water pump

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Tulu pump motor winding data

0.5 hp motor winding coil turn data.

Watch here link is bellow.

0.5 Hp Motor Winding Video is Here

in this video, we have show how to rewind 0.5 hp motor in an easy way.

motor winding data
Capacitor :10mfd
slots =24

Phase: single 

Running swg:24

running Copper weight:450 gm

Starting swg:27

Copper weight:300gm


Slat dia:25mm

Running turns 


pitch 1-8                   :80
pitch 1-10                :80

1-12                           :80

Starting  pitch- turns

starting pitch 1-8:      110

starting pitch 1-10     :120

starting pitch 1-12       :120

starting swg =27
connection normal


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