2Hp Crompton Greaves Induction Motor Winding|32 Slot Electric Motor|Crompton Greaves Ac motor Winding Data.

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Hello Everyone I’m Raj In This Induction Motor Winding I will show you how to Rewind 2Hp Crompton Greaves Single Phase Induction Motor Winding |2Hp Electric Motor |Electric Motor|Crompton Greaves Ac Motor 2hp single phase induction motor winding data You Can Check Out 2 Hp Crompton Greaves Motor Winding Video and Also Don’t Forget to Watch 2HP Crompton Motor Winding Connection Diagram.

हेलो दोस्तों यह एक Crompton Greaves Limited 2HP की सिंगल फेज मोटर है आज हम इस मोटर की वाइंडिंग करना सीखेंगे.इस पोस्ट में आपको तीन HP की मोटर का पूरा डाटा बताया गया है साथ में आप इस 2HP की मोटर की वाइंडिंग का विडियो भी देख सकते है और हा इस पोस्ट की अंत में इस 2HP Crompton Greaves की मोटर वाइंडिंग कनेक्शन डायग्राम देखना न भूले .

Cromton Greaves की 2Hp मोटर ज्यादातर रंदा मशीन इंडस्ट्रियल पर्पस में इस्तेमाल किये जाती है.Crompton Greaves कंपनी की मोटर एक बहुत ही बड़ा और उच्च कवालीटी की मोटर होती है .इनका वेटबहुत हो कम होता है और यह चलने में सालो साल चलती है और यह मोटरे पॉवर में तो कमाल की होती है.

In this post, we have explained about the Rewinding of Crompton Greaves 32 Slot Single Phase induction motor and also shown the Single-phase motor connection diagram, single phase motor wiring diagram with a capacitor. You can also watch 3Hp Single phase motor winding Here.

3Hp Single-phase motor winding data here.

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The single-phase motor we have also shown the Induction Motor connections with a capacitor of single face motor and also In the same, how you can set the single face motor clutch plate is also mentioned.

Capacitor Start Motor Capacitor Running Motor.

Capacitor Run Motor.

Some single-stage AC engine plans utilize engine run capacitors, which are left connected to the assistant curl after the beginning capacitor is detached by the diffusive switch. These structures work by making a pivoting attractive field.

Motor Running capacitors are intended for constant obligation and stay fueled at whatever point the motor is controlled, which is the motivation behind why electrolytic capacitors are evaded, and low-misfortune plastic capacitors are used.

Capacitor Start Motor Capacitor Running Motor.
Capacitor Start Motor Capacitor Running Motor.by motorwinding.in

The Capacitor Resistance of Single-Phase Running Capacitors is generally lower Than the Starting Capacitors and is frequently in the scope of 10Mfd into 100Mfd. Picking an off-base capacitance incentive to get a motor can prompt a sporadic attractive field, which can be viewed as an unpredictable engine turn speed, particularly under the burden.

In 2Hp Single Phase Crompton Greaves Limited Motor Running Capacitor value is 36Mfd.

Single Phase Induction Motor Start Capacitor.

Single Phase Motor Turn over capacitors are utilized during the Motor startup period and are released from the circuit once the rotor arrives at a foreordained speed, which is regularly about 75% of the most extreme rate for that Motor type. These capacitors normally have capacitance worth of more than 70 µF. They come in various voltage evaluations, contingent upon the application that they were expected for.

In Crompton Greaver 2Hp Single phase motor start Capacitor Value is 200-250 Mfd Start Capacitor.

2Hp Crompton Greaves Induction Motor Winding|32 Slot Electric Motor|Crompton Greaves Ac motor Winding Data.
2 hp crompton greaves motor winding by motorwinding.in

Normally Starting Capacitor Value is Start from 60-80Uf Start capacitor Mostly in 3hp Induction Motor we are used 200- 250Mfd Starting Capacitor.

Crompton Greaves 2Hp Electric Motor Stamping Detail.

Slot = 32

Core Length Of Stators = 4 Inch.

Inner Diameter Of Stators = 4Inch 2 Soot.

External Diameter Of Stator =7 Soot.

Ac Motor Details.

  • Input Volt = 220 -250Volt Ac.
  • Hp = 2
  • Slot=32
  • Company = Crompton Greaves
  • Rpm = 1440
  • Pole = 4
  • Total Running Coil = 4 Coils
  • Total Starting Coil =4 Coils.
  • Start Capacitor = 200/250 Starting Capacitor.
  • Running Capacitor = 36 Mfd
  • Motor Type = Induction Motor.
  • Winding Wire = Copper Wire.
  • Input Supply = Single Phase

2Hp Crompton 32 Slot Induction Motor Winding Data.

2hp crompton motor winding

Running Winding Data

Wire Number20+20+22 ( Triple )
Running Winding Weight1.800 Gram

Crompton Greaves 2hp Motor Running Winding Video.

Crompton Starting Winding Data.

Coil -Pitch1-41-61-8
Wire Number24+25 [ Double ]
Wire Number600 Gram ( Copper Wire)

Starting Winding Video.

2Hp Crompton Greaves Single phase induction motor connection diagram.

2Hp Crompton Greaves Single phase induction motor diagram.
2Hp Crompton Greaves Single phase induction motor diagram.by motorwinding.in

how to draw a circle diagram of 2Hp Crompton Greaves induction motor? The single Phase motor comes with two wire running winding and two-wire starting winding.

Two cables will come out of the clutch plate and if the motor is more than two hp, then it will have two wires of a running capacitor and 2 wires of the beginning capacitor.

2Hp Crompton Greaves Motor Winding Video.

2Hp Motor Question & Answer. Faq.

How can I rewind Crompton Greaves 2hp 32 slot motor?

You can make easy rewinding to see this post.we are also make an video to help you to rewinding 2hp crompton greaves motor.

Crompton Greaves motor Centrifugal Motor Type?

Crompton greaves motor have different Centrifugal switch.for 1 hp crompton motor this plate comes with single point.But for 2 hp and three hp Crompton Greaves install diffrent types of Centrifugal switch like With Two Points.

Where can I buy Crompton Greaves Motor Online?

You Can Easily check crompton greaves motor price here.


What is the Capacitor Start Motor Capacitor Running Motor?

Normally in Crompton used 200-250 mfd start capacitor in single phase motor.

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