2hp single phase induction motor winding data In Hindi suguna 2 hp motor

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2hp single phase induction motor winding data, in this post, we have shown the 2HP Single phase motor winding data. This is the sample data of single-phase motor and you can use it in Single phase 1440 rpm motor like Clutch plate and gearbox.

CAPACITOR=200-250 (starting) and 20 mfd (running)
HP         = 2
Current AMP     =15

2HP Single Phase 1440 RPM Motor Full Winding Video Is Here.

2Hp Single Phase Motor Full WInding Data.


Running pitch             1=3,   1-5,    1-7       1-9
Running Turn                 8     14       17        21

Running swg      =    18.5+18.5 नंबर डबल कॉपर 
Copper weight   =     1.800kg

Starting pitch               1-4          1=6,     1-8,    1-10  , 
Staring turn                   17            21       27       25       

Starting swg        =       20 तार नंबर सिंगल कॉपर 
Copper weight    =       910 gm

Core length     = 90
Stater diameter      = 36

सिंगल फेज मोटर वाइंडिंग विडियो यहाँ पर देखें.


Connection =Normal

आप मोटर वाइंडिंग कनेक्शन डायग्राम यहाँ पर देखें.


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2 thoughts on “2hp single phase induction motor winding data In Hindi suguna 2 hp motor

  • September 13, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    core length in mm or cm is not shown. also tell that some motors having 2ble running capacitors. what is the funda?

  • September 13, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    core lenth is always show in inches some people shows on mm,but we are always show in inches.


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